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ECOROA Maintenance Water-repellent Shampoo (for 100-hold dilution) 

Size 4L
Liquid Color Clear
Viscosity 1
pH 7.1

ECOROA's water repellency ECOROA's water repellency

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Product Description

ECOROA creates a water-repellent effect on the car surface only through an ordinary car wash process. Great for maintaining glass coatings and as a part of a car wash service.

 Easily absorbs onto glass components and great for maintaining glass coatings.
By using special electric-charged silicon, it produces a brilliant water-repellent effect through ion adsorption, lasting a long time.
 Very economical 100-fold dilution type.
 Since no wax is used, water spots will not show up after application.
A safe product which follows PRTR laws. No environmental endocrine disrupter is used.

Unlike existing water-repellent liquids, ECOROA produces a remarkable water-repellency effect through ion adsorption of special electric-charged silicon particles. Formulated to be adsorbed onto glass components of glass coatings, ECOROA works great for maintaining coatings, and it restores and retains the water-repellent effect. ECOROA can be used in maintenance by professional auto detailers and also by end-users.

For 100-fold dilution
The key to its great performance is the electric-charged silicon particles.
Silicon components used in existing water-repellent liquids are not electric-charged. Each silicon component exists on the painted surfaces separately so that it can be washed off easily, which means that the dilution rate cannot be high. Since ECOROA’s special silicon is electric-charged, the liquid becomes positively charged (+), and the painted surface becomes negatively charged (-); this firmly fixates the silicon onto the painted surfaces through ion adsorption. Additionally, silicon components bind to each other by a cross-linking effect and a silicon layer forms on the painted surfaces.


 Example Use1

01 Weigh ECOROA and dilute it 100 times with water in a bucket.

02 Spray an appropriate amount on the car body and wash it.

03 A remarkable water-repellent effect can be achieved by rinsing it off with water.

Example Use2

01 Wash a car with the diluted ECOROA in the same manner as a normal car wash.

02 Wash a car with the diluted ECOROA in the same manner as a normal car wash.

03 A water-repellent effect with uniform water beads with a high contact angle can be achieved.