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Zen-Xero FAQ


We are happy to receive a number of inquiries about Zen-Xero every day. These include questions about the application from existing customers and also the various inquiries from potential customers. We share some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers here.


About Zen-Xero

Q. Can I have the web material to promote Zen-Xero on my company’s web site?

Q. Do I need to register in order to use the Zen-Xero series? Also, is there a membership fee that needs to be paid?

Q. I’m interested in purchasing the Zen-Xero coating. What should I prepare?

Q. Can the Zen-Xero series coatings be applied to surfaces other than the body of the car ?

Q. What should I be careful of when storing the products?

Q. Is there any product in the Zen-Xero series that leaves no water spots?

Q. Can Zen-Xero coating be applied to matte finish paints?

Q.  Is it possible to apply Zen-Xero to the cars applied with other coating products?

Q.  A day after application, I found that the coating on a missed-wiping part has cured and I cannot wipe it off. What should I do?

About Zen-Xero Dynamic

Q.  Is it possible to apply the main liquid without using the Accelerator?

About Clareed

Q.  It has been pointed out that a fuzzy sound can be heard from the wipers after the application of Clareed. Are there any measures that can be taken to avoid this?

Q.  Can the left over Clareed mixture that was prepared for application, be used later?