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Headlight Protection System


Getting started without special equipment

  • Abundant training courses
  • High demand and prospects for profitability
  • Film for practice provided
  • Abundance of cut data for car models
  • Lineup of starter sets

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Features of the film used

  • Long-term prevention of yellowing and cloudiness
  • Prevents damage from flying gravel and scratches
  • Prevents everyday accumulation of contaminants
  • Long-term preservation of transparency and light intensity

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Range of promotional items

  • Posters with personalized names
  • Free leaflets
  • Blog use OK sphotographic materials
  • Banners and stickers available
  • Professional certification

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Purchase film and starter set


This video shows the process of installing the Headlight Protection Film.
Customers who purchase the product will also be provided with a paper manual for each vehicle model.
Click here to watch the video in a larger size.