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3M High Tack Double-Sided Adhesive Tape 9712

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This acrylic foam tape has excellent initial adhesion and is suitable for exterior application to side molding, side visors, bumper molding, and other areas. It sticks well even to painted surfaces which resist adhesion.
You can choose from tape thicknesses of 0.8mm and 1.2mm.
  Tape thickness Width Length Quantity per
7mm×10m 1.2mm 7mm 10m 2 rolls
10mm×10m 1.2mm 10mm 10m 1 rolls
12mm×10m 1.2mm 12mm 10m 1 rolls
15mm×10m 1.2mm 15mm 10m 1 rolls
20mm×10m 1.2mm 20mm 10m 1 rolls

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