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Fine Wool Pads

The Fine Wool Buffing Pad makes use of the characteristics of the older White Wool Series while using fine wool which has had its tips carded to give it a softer feel. This new wool pad also has meticulously woven wool fibers. The urethane base beneath the wool has a lineup of 3 types: the same soft urethane as before; hard urethane, which is dense and very springy; and medium urethane, which balances flexibility with springiness. Find the right type for today’s wide range of work styles.

Soft Urethane Base
Its excellent flexibility allows it to follow curved surfaces well, and its long fibers allow it to polish softly.

Medium Urethane Base
Using a new material, it balances strong springiness with suppleness, allowing it to be used for both polishing and finishing.

Hard Urethane Base
Using special high density foam, its strong springiness allows it to cut well. For polishing flat surfaces.

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