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【Subdivided】3M 243J PLUS Masking Tape

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Infrequently used sizes are sold in subdivisions by bundle

This all-purpose masking tape for automotive painting is made with Japanese paper as its base material. This is an overall balanced product. It has strong adhesiveness, leaves little adhesive residue, does not easily tear lengthwise, follows a radius easily, and defines a sharp edge.

◆It can withstand drying at 120°C for 1 hour.
  • Reduced adhesive residue
    Using a newly optimized acrylic adhesive, application of the tape is just as easy as before, but the amount of adhesive residue has been reduced.
  • Stronger paper
    It is still easy to tear by hand, but it does not tear lengthwise easily. It also balances strength with flexibility and is easy to use on both straight and curved lines.
  • Improved unrolling
    The tape is now easier to unroll when applying. Even the wide rolls are easy to use.

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