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Maintenance & Care Kit

A Valuable Bond with the Customer

For coatings, the real value of the product lies in its effectiveness after application, and maintenance and care are important elements for maintaining that effect. Having a kit for maintenance and care will not only keep the coating performing well, but it will also increase the value added to the product and improve your company’s credibility.

Importance of Maintenance and Care Kits

In recent years, body coatings have gained recognition among general car users. In particular, the glass coating category has become established as an option for new vehicles, and owners of such vehicles have become accustomed to performing their own maintenance and care. No matter how high-performance a body coating product is, if it is not maintained it will not perform to its full potential. For example, it is the same as living in a splendid house: if you do not clean and maintain it, its value will disappear.
To maintain your body coating, it is important to have a Maintenance Kit. For a long time, it has been customary to include a maintenance and care kit as an accessory, but in the past these kits cared little for appearance, consisting of a simple plastic case with items thrown inside. Now, however, it is general practice to provide contents which match each coating and packaging which is suitable for the value of the coating. In particular, when the coating itself is a high value glass coating, a maintenance and care kit of matching value must be included. We propose maintenance and care kits which fit various needs, offering different combinations of packaging and contents to make kits which will satisfy users. Of course, the original purpose of the kit is to sustain the coating’s performance, and we have a comprehensive selection of chemicals and supplies to help users fully experience the value of their coatings which have so painstakingly been applied by detailers.
Our Maintenance & Care Kit category allows you to select products and combine them easily into a kit. From the bag needed to package the kit to standard shampoos and cleaners, sponges and other supplies, we have an extensive lineup of everything you need. Additionally, you can even build a custom kit with your company’s original brand labels and certificates all with a uniform design. You can build the perfect kit for your budget and purpose.

Building Maintenance and Care Kits

You can change the contents of your Maintenance and Care Kit to suit the coating used or your company’s maintenance and care menu. The constituent items of a kit can be largely divided into the following categories.