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Wide Heater Ⅱ WH-1000 

Wide Heater Ⅱ WH-1000

Standard specifications

Power Single-phase 100VV
Electric current 8A
Electricity 1000W
Weight 675g
Functions Swingable
Cord length Detachable type 3.5m
Total height Horizontal H265 mm, vertical H290 mm (with 141 mm-grip attached)
Body dimensions 168×77×82 mm (with guard and mesh attached)

Optional part specifications

Name Hand Heater Stand
Height( mm) 700 (retracted), 2100 (extended)
Weight (kg) 1.2

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Wide Heater Ⅱ WH-1000

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Product Description

This heater is suitable for accelerating the bonding and assisting the drying of all kinds of coatings or any other drying of paints or coatings. It can be handled easily in one hand. It is a swinging type with 1000W of heat, allowing you to dry large areas.


The Wide Heater uses electric bulbs which produce high temperatures. Please check that no flammable materials are within range before using. Use with caution. (Danger of igniting)
The Hand Heater’s special stand extends and retracts using compressed air, so there is no danger of damaging bulbs due to sudden drops!