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A glass coating that works in harmony with water



The GLASSPEL series is a product that enhances affinity with water and is surprisingly easy to apply. Water-repellent or hydrophilic coating properties can be selected according to user needs. This glass coating provides excellent performance without requiring complicated application processes.

1. Growing demand for glass coatings

Glass coatings are now the mainstream of auto body coatings around the world and are used as high-end products offering high performance and durability. In recent years, as glass coatings have become more common, the demand to apply glass coating more easily is expanding. GLASSPEL establishes an entry-class glass film coating genre to meet such growing demand.

2. Groundbreaking, simple application using water

GLASSPEL can be applied while there is still some water left on the body. Wiping is an easy process by using a wet wrung-out microfiber cloth. Thanks to the formulation with enhanced compatibility with water, it does not cause cloudiness due to excessive reaction even when moisture remains. On the contrary, it promotes hydrolysis while achieving fast curing speed and sufficient film thickness.

3. High protection that glass coatings are known for

GLASSPEL is a product that achieves the high protection that authentic glass coatings are known for, but with a simple application method. The silane-based glass film that serves as the base provides excellent antifouling properties to protect your car from external factors, such as dirt and grease, and gives deep luxurious luster.

4. A lineup of products to suit users’ needs

You can choose from a water-repellent or hydrophilic type according to your needs.

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