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WINCOS Architectural Window Film

WINCOS Architectural Window Film

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This architectural window film is from Lintec, a leader in the Japanese market for automotive film. You can select from a wide lineup of films to suit your application and purpose.


[New product] TINT METER M1000

This handheld visible light transmittance meter is indispensable for ensuring quality and reliability during film installation.

Ultra-compact, lightweight, high performance, long lifespan, can take measurements with no setup


WINCOS Architectural Film

This architectural window film can provide various functionality simply by applying it to window glass. Whether you are seeking to save energy by blocking heat from the sun, prevent shattering when the glass breaks, deter intruders or repels insects, there is a film that will meet your needs.

Solar control type

This energy-saving film contributes to cooling efficiency, which helps protect the global environment and reduces wasteful use of resources. A diverse lineup of products is available to suit your needs, including transparent, metallic and colored films.


Solar control

Despite being highly transparent, this film provides superb solar control, with a solar transmittance rate of 37–65%. High energy savings are achieved by enhancing the efficiency of air conditioning.


With a visible light transmittance rate of 65–86%, this film provides a high level of transparency. Unlike curtains or blinds, window films allow you to preserve brightness and scenery while reducing environmental stress.

UV blocking and anti-shatter protection

Like our other window films, this film blocks at least 99% of ultraviolet rays. It also provides excellent prevention against glass shards scattering when the glass breaks.

High heat blocking performance supported by diverse data

■Example of temperature measurement

■Solar transmittance

■Optical chart

Measurement conditions  
● Measurement date: August 12
● Location: Kawasaki, Kanagawa 
● Weather: Sunny (high: 33.1°C/low: 25.4°C) 
● Measurement method: Simultaneous measurement of windows without film/with film using a temperature history recording system

In terms of energy, sunlight is approximately 5% ultraviolet (wavelength range of 300–380nm), 45% visible (380–780nm) and 50% near infrared (780–2,500nm). In general, window film is able to achieve a strong heat blocking effect by blocking a large portion of visible and infrared light (1nm = 1/1,000µm). * Actual measured value when film was applied to 3mm float glass.

Transparent anti-shatter type

This window film reduces the scattering of glass shards when a window breaks due to an object impacting it or a disaster such as an earthquake, thereby acting as an effective countermeasure against secondary disasters. This film blocks at least 99% of UV rays that are harmful to the human body and helps prevent fading of interior furnishings.

Experiment of impact shattering prevention (shot bag test)

This test simulates a human body collision by letting a 45kg shot bag fall like a pendulum from a height of 30cm. Without a film, the glass shattered into large, sharp shards around the impact area. With LUMICOOL 1501UH applied, the impact area of the glass held together.

Experiment of strain shattering prevention (interlayer displacement test)

This experiment simulates shattering caused by strain on fixed windows from the movement of the frame during an earthquake. Without a film, sharp shards scatter up to 15m. With LUMICOOL 1501UH, fine cracks formed in the glass and glass powder was produced, but otherwise there was almost no scattering.

Insect repelling type

This type of window film helps keep away insects. Many insects are sensitive to light with wavelengths between 300nm–400nm. Blocking this range renders interior lighting invisible to insects, preventing it from attracting them. This film is suitable for use at locations where safety and hygiene are vital considerations, such as pharmaceutical factories, food factories, late-night retail stores and hospitals. It safely achieves a strong insect repellent effect without the use of chemicals.

WINCOS Decorative Film

This designer film is intended for decorating glass. The film softens light as it passes through the glass, creating a calm atmosphere. You can create fantastical lightings which seem to have passed through mist or traditional Japanese paper, thereby freely realizing your vision for the room — whether a Japanese-style place of relaxation or a modern European atmosphere.

5000 Series

The products in this series use polyester film or fluorine film as a base. For offices, stores, homes, etc.

1000 Series

The products in this series use PVC film as a base. For signs, displays and event spaces of all kinds.

WINCOS offers a diverse lineup of architectural window films.
Please check the below website for more details about the product lineup and specifications.
In addition, sample books with details and samples of the entire lineup are available. If you would like one, please contact us.