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Optimized for rotary polishers

Casper is a wool buffing pad made with the AirFreed manufacturing method and optimized for rotary polishers. The wool buffing pad’s combination of a unique Japanese design and the AirFreed manufacturing method offers precise performance and a never-before-seen fine finish while minimizing adhesion of polishing compound to the pad’s surface.

  • Never-before-seen fine finish with wool
  • Various characteristics of the AirFreed manufacturing method
  • Excellent compound spread and highly uniform polishing
  • Precise polishing along panel edges (CASPEED)

Rotary polishers often generate a great deal of heat during a polishing work. The effect of AirFreed Manufacturing Method helps FFW (Freed Feather Wool) to reduce the heat accumulated at a painted surface and prevent polishing compounds from sticking to the yarns so that they spread uniformly to get the best polishing performance of the compounds. The Pads allow compounds to drain smoothly from between the yarns, hence avoiding excessive polishing and enabling you to achieve an effective finish. In addition, the AirFreed effect helps yarns to keep a space from each other and not be felted, which means that the wool can maintain lasting springiness without getting flattened. The Pads reduce compounds burned to the tip of yarns, making it easy to wash them and restore their natural original texture.