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Buff Choose Characteristics

Choose Characteristics
Clicking the tabs allows you to search for buffing pads however you prefer: by category, size, etc.

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  • By Length of Fibers
  • Choose Characteristics
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  • Rounded Corners

    The Buffing Pad’s front corners have been rounded.
  • Indentation

    The Velcro on the Buffing Pad’s back is affixed such that it forms an indentation in the back of the pad.
  • No Hole

    This design has no hole in the center of the pad.
  • Profile

    The pad’s surface is wavy.
  • Taper

    The pad is tapered from front to back.
  • Low Resilience

    The pad uses a special low resilience urethane.
  • Cover

    This type is placed over the buffing pad as a cover before use.