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GOWAN GWN-650F (Ozone Generator) 

Product name/Product number GOWAN650F / GWN-650F
Amount of ozone produced 3650mg / h(20℃60%RH)
Air flow 0.61m3 / min
Power supply voltage DC12V・DC24V
(from cigarette lighter port)
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
(Special AC power supply adapter)
Power consumption 30W
External dimensions 283(W) x 149(D) x 212mm(H)
(including protrusions)
Weight About 3kg
Usage environment 0-40℃
(No condensation or wetness)
Applicable places Inside a car or room

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Ozone Decomposition Filter for GOWAN GWM-650F GF-1808

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Product Description

Eliminate odors and germs in the car with the power of ozone to make it comfortable and clean

Intuitive and easy operation

Easy operation just by setting a simple timer for up to 60 minutes. You can use it from the day it arrives.

Lightweight and compact, easy to use and store

Compact and portable size does not take up space for storage. You can easily carry it when disinfecting and deodorizing the inside of the car.

Easy maintenance and low running cost

Maintenance is limited to washing the parts and cleaning the filter. No special cleaning tools or solvents are required.

Compatible with 3 power supplies that are useful in various scenes


For Additional Effect

After chemical deodorization, it is a very effective finishing touch.

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