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PPF Gel Eco Smoother 

NOTE: This product is the successor
product of PPF Gel Smoother.

Volume 4L/18L
Fluid color Clear
Viscosity 2

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PPF Gel Eco Smoother 4L

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PPF Gel Eco Smoother 18L

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Product Description

Eco-friendly and dramatically improved workability
The basic operations of PPF installation, "position", "smooth" and "affix", have become even easier.


  • Hard to leave adhesive smudge marks

    It suppresses the adhesive smudge marks caused by repeated application and removal in the process of PPF installation.

  • Economical

    It is very economical because it is diluted with 30% to 50% water.

  • Eco friendly

    It is a film installation liquid that does not contain any alcohol as a raw material and is friendly to the user and the environment.


Basic operation of PPF installation
"position", "smooth", "affix"

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*Easy positioning

PPF Gel Eco Smoother is a gel application fluid with the perfect viscosity. It forms a thick, slow-drying gel membrane, allowing you to position films on hoods, bumpers, and other parts with large areas, without the stress of the application fluid drying out. You can also spray it onto parts with vertical surfaces without it dripping, making it easy to work with.

*Easy fluid removal while squeegeeing

Squeegeeing PPF is a delicate job which can cause you worrying about application fluid residue. After revising the viscosity, PPF Gel Eco Smoother’s viscosity allows you to more easily feel the fluid being removed during squeegeeing and avoid any fluid residue.

*Precise film “fixing” for shapes with very high or low points and when wrapping

Fixing is the most important part of PPF application. Using PPF Gel Eco Smoother together with water allows you to firmly affix the edges of the film. You can achieve a precise application for 3D shapes with significantly high or low points, as well as when wrapping around edges.