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[News Release] Friendly to People and the Environment, Further Improved Workability "UNIGLOBE® PPF Gel Eco Smoother" is Launched.

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News Release R-1014

Aug, 2022

Friendly to People and the Environment, Further Improved Workability
"UNIGLOBE® PPF Gel Eco Smoother" is Launched.

Redesigned as an environmentally friendly product

FE TRADE Co., Ltd. starts offering “PPF Gel Eco Smoother” from UNIGLOBE®. This is a film installation liquid dedicated to protection films, and is friendly to people and the environment. Through this product, we will strengthen the environmental awareness of the UNIGLOBE® brand and aim to create new value while continuing to provide total solutions to car care.

■ Background of the Launch

In light of the growing awareness of the environment in recent years, we have reviewed raw materials and have developed the products which are people- and eco-friendly. "PPF Gel Eco Smoother" has been released as an eco-friendly product of UNIGLOBE® PPF family, which does not use any alcohol as a raw material and has improved workability.

■ Characteristics of the Product

  • Hard to leave adhesive smudge marks

    It suppresses the adhesive smudge marks caused by repeated application and removal in the process of PPF installation.

  • Economical

    It is very economical because it is diluted with 30% to 50% water.

  • Eco friendly

    It is a film installation liquid that does not contain any alcohol as a raw material and is friendly to the user and the environment.

■ Basic operation of PPF installation "position", "smooth", "affix"

"Position" Easy positioning

A thick, slow-drying gel membrane makes it easy to position the film on large areas like hoods and bumpers where the application fluid quickly dries out and on parts with vertical surfaces without the fluid dripping.

"Smooth" Easy fluid removal while squeegeeing

After revising the viscosity, PPF Gel Eco Smoother’s viscosity allows you to more easily feel the fluid being removed during squeegeeing and avoid any fluid residue.

"Affix" Precise film “fixing” for shapes with very high or low points and when wrapping

Using PPF Gel Eco Smoother together with water allows you to firmly affix the edges of the film. You can achieve a precise application for 3D shapes with significantly high or low points, as well as when wrapping around edges.

■ From the Section in Charge

The existing gel-type film installation liquid has excellent workability for "fixing" due to the alcohol component, but it also tends to leave adhesive residue during film positioning. This time, by reviewing the raw materials while focusing on improving workability, we have developed the environmentally friendly product that does not use any alcohol.

■ Product Summary

  • [Product name] PPF Gel Eco Smoother
  • [Volume] 4L/18L
  • [Fluid color] Clear
  • [Viscosity] 2

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