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KYOCERA Electric Dual Action Polisher RPED134 

KYOCERA Electric Dual Action Polisher  RPED134
Speed 2000-4500min-1
Orbit diameter 15mm
Voltage 100V 50/60Hz
Electric current 10.1A
Wattage 850W
Weight 2.5kg
Spindle screw diameter 5/16"-24UNF
Cord 5m(with cord)
Size L221×W123×H298mm
Backing pad -
Recommended pad diameter 125φ
Carbon brush -
* We also have the cordless type.

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KYOCERA RPED134 without cord

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KYOCERA RPED134 with cord

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Product Description

*The following is cited from the manufacturer’s materials

Dual action mechanism with an orbit diameter of 15 mm for powerful polishing

The orbit diameter is 15 mm, and the dual action mechanism allows for powerful polishing while keeping the number of revolutions high. The finishing work time can be shortened due to the stable polishing power.

  • For the final finishing process of car bodies
  • For an even finish that does not lose rotation even when a load is applied
  • Powerful polish with 15mm orbit diameter
  • The built-in speed control dial allows you to set an appropriate speed.
  • If a live power cord is accidentally connected to the machine while it is switched on, the “restart prevention feature” will prevent it from starting.
  • The body is protected by robust die-cast protectors.
  • The long-type auxiliary handle has excellent ease of use.

Detachable cord

Purchase a cord individually