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Volume 4L
Fluid color Clear
Viscosity 2

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Product Description

Highly weather-resistant tire wax with pure silicone UV reducer (UV absorber)

TUV-19 is an environmental tire protection product which uses no petroleum-based solvents whatsoever. By including a UV reducer (UV absorber) which is compatible with the weather-resistant pure silicone—containing 100% active ingredients—this product prevents deterioration due to UV rays and ozone, as well as reducing the harmful effects of heat and hydrolysis.


■ Excellent weather resistance

TUV-19 contains a “UV reducer (UV absorber)”*2 which is compatible with “pure silicone”*1. It protects tires from UV rays and ozone, which cause deterioration.

*1 Why is silicone more heat and weather resistant than common organic polymers?

Silicone has siloxane bonds (-O-Si-O-Si-), while organic polymers have carbon bonds (-C-C-C-). Because siloxane bonds are stronger than carbon bonds, they protect against deterioration due to heat and UV rays, as well as the harmful effects of hydrolysis.

*2 UV absorber’s active mechanism

UV radiation is high-energy light, which is why parts that absorb UV rays become damaged. Parts made of rubbers or plastics which absorb UV rays around the 300 to 400 nm wavelength range change color or deteriorate due to the radiation’s high energy. In contrast, the UV absorber contained in this product has a structure which can absorb those same UV rays in the 300 to 400nm wavelength range and convert their high energy into harmless heat through a chemical reaction. This mechanism allows it to reduce the UV radiation and inhibit the deterioration of the surrounding (rubber) parts.

Left: After application
Right: Before application

Measurement with UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Measurement conditions
・Sample applied to side (one side) of quartz cell (application amount: 0.2mg/cm2)
・After 1 minute, transmittance of UV and visible light measured

■ Excellent water-repellency and oil-resistance

TUV-19’s main ingredient is a highly concentrated pure silicone—containing 100% active ingredients—which has stronger bonds than organic polymers used in common tire waxes. The product is highly water-repellent and oil-resistant, and it also resists the harmful effects of hydrolysis.

■ No harmful effects on materials

The petroleum-based solvents contained in common oil-based tire waxes can permeate the tire’s material and are a leading cause of accelerated deterioration. TUV-19 uses absolutely no petroleum-based solvents and has 100% active ingredients so you can use it for your valued customers with peace of mind.

■ No lack of luster, maintains beautiful appearance and feel after application

The special qualities of pure silicone provide a deep, tranquil shine without losing any luster, and it can maintain a smooth feel after application.

■ Economical

Highly concentrated pure silicone, which is formed from several silicones of different viscosities, is extremely economical. Because it can be applied and spread very easily, a 4L cannister can be used to detail 400 to 500 vehicles (1,600 to 2,000 tires).