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Antibacterial Paper Floor Mat 

Size H560mm x W420mm
Quantity 200 sheets
Material Cast-coated paper, antibacterial OP varnish

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Antibacterial Paper Floor Mat 200 sheets

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Product Description

Redesigned and antibacterial treatment is added

An antibacterial paper floor mat with SIAA * certified antibacterial treatment on the surface for safety and hygiene. The lining is made of a specially coated material, so even if the shoe sole is wet, it will not easily get stained or torn. It is safe and clean to use in your customer’s car due to antibacterial treatment. You can prevent your shoes from getting car floor dirty during maintenance and delivery of the car.

* What is SIAA?
The SIAA mark is an antibacterial symbol mark established by the Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles, and can be displayed on products that meet the three criteria of "antibacterial properties," "safety," and "appropriate labeling."