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Volume 4L, 18L
Fluid color Clear
Viscosity 1
pH 13.4

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Product Description

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FRESH CLEAR AUTHORIZED is a multi-purpose cleaner for use in various situations inside and outside a vehicle. With its new formulation, this product balances cleaning power with ease-of-use at a high level.
The original FRESH CLEAR was an alkaline multi-purpose cleaner like never before, which severely reduced the characteristically strong alkaline odor, striking a balance between ease of use and strong cleaning power. It was able to handle a wide variety of cleaning tasks, from the stubborn carbonized dirt of exterior areas such as engine compartments and aluminum wheels, to interiors. It has been a favorite of many auto detailing shops for more than 17 years. Now, following in the footsteps of this bestselling product comes a new high quality, high grade type, with carefully selected ingredients and formulations, to meet the high quality needs of today. That product is FRESH CLEAR AUTHORIZED.

For engine compartments and door hinges, dilute 0-3x or more
For interiors, dilute 3-6x or more

New formulation of ingredients with excellent emulsification and osmotic force. Even stronger cleaning power

Using ingredients with excellent emulsification and osmotic force properties as non-ionic surfactants, and by re-examining the composition of the glycol solvent, the product shows great improvement in its all-important cleaning power.

Special Mechanism for Reducing Smell

Although in the past professional alkaline cleaners have widely used alkaline agents such as caustic soda, which have strong cleaning power, their main drawback is their chokingly strong odor. This product uses silicate as its main alkaline ingredient, reducing the strong odor even further than original FRESH CLEAR and greatly increasing usability. It also succeeds in displaying both excellent permeability and strong cleaning power.

Excellent foaming and fine bubbles allow for outstanding dissipation

In order to improve usability, which is affected by foaming, the composition of anionic surfactants was revised, yielding finer bubbles and better dissipation.

Using proprietary formulation technology to achieve greater cleaning power through chelate effect

Chelating agents use aminopolycarboxylic acids to increase cleaning power using the chelate effect: carbon grime on aluminum wheels or in the engine compartment have their + end attached to by electrically charged metallic ions.
●For engine compartments and door hinges, dilute 0-3x or more
●For interiors, dilute 3-6x or more


This multi-purpose cleaner can be diluted to match the level of dirt and the area to be cleaned, including engine compartments with plenty of stuck-on oily grime, undercarriages covered in brake dust, or interiors.
Engine Compartment Cleaning
Cleaning Behind Instrument Panel
Aluminum Wheel Cleaning
Interior Cleaning