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Aluminum Wheel & Molding Coating 

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Aluminum Wheel & Molding Coating 250ml

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Aluminum Wheel & Molding Coating 500ml

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Product Description

Non-coated bumper molding, door handles, and wiper covers, which are often used in non-Japanese vehicles and SUVs, can whiten over time and lose their shine. This product restores a deep black shine to such deteriorated materials. Unlike traditional silicone waxes, this product is not washed off by rain or does not leave streaks, and it forms a hard, clear glass film which lasts for a long time. Similarly, after polishing and restoring degraded metal window molding, it is perfect for protecting the surface and greatly reducing further deterioration.

*Cannot be applied to bare metal aluminum wheels.
*Driving immediately after application may cause brake dust and dirt to adhere. Always let dry for at least 2-3 hours before driving.
*Similarly, exposure to rain immediately after application may affect the film.


The cleaned aluminum wheel has been divided in half with masking tape for the purpose of comparison.
Aluminum Wheel & Molding Coating Agents is applied to the left half.
After application, a thick film is formed which has a clearly different luster.