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[News Release] Full renewal of buffing pad category Brand integrated into HAYABUSA

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News Release R-1016

May, 2023

Full renewal of buffing pad category

Brand integrated into

Improving brand value by enhancing product appeal

FE TRADE CO., LTD. will carry out a full renewal of the buffing pad category from May 22, 2023. Along with that, we will integrate the brand of buffing pads manufactured by our company into "鸇 HAYABUSA®". With this renewal, the quality and functions have been further enhanced, further improving the product power that promotes the efficiency of the entire polishing work. HAYABUSA will continue to evolve and provide valuable products as a comprehensive buffing pad brand.

■ Background

Polishing is a process that affects the beautiful finish of automotive paint repair and maintenance. The most important and indispensable tools for this work are the "buffing pads". Buffing pads never play leading roles in the polishing process, but they do play essential supporting roles that maximize the performance of the polishers and abrasives. For a quarter of a century since our founding, we have developed numerous buffing pads by analyzing the evolution of coating technology and the latest trends in the market while continuing to focus on quality. In recent years, social needs have become more sophisticated and diversified, such as the electrification technology of automobiles, autonomous driving, and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. Among them, the automobile industry is facing a major turning point. The same situation can be said for "buffing pads" and "polishing equipment" that are indispensable for the polishing process, which accounts for the majority of automobile paint maintenance. Under these circumstances, we have implemented a full renewal of the buffing pad category with the aim of further strengthening the product power, leading to this brand integration.

■ Brand concept

A buffing pad that has a long history as a polishing tool. While inheriting the technology and preserving the tradition, we always continue to "innovate". That is the "core" of HAYABUSA. We harmonize tradition and innovation and appreciate the future one step ahead. We will keep developing the HAYABUSA brand based on this belief.

■ Origin of the brand name

When you hear the word HAYABUSA in Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is the general term for birds of the Peregrine Falcon family, the nickname for the special express trains operated by the Shinkansen, and the name for the asteroid explorer. The brand name evokes a sense of speed and the latest technology, with the idea of "always looking to new fields and continuing to be creative." The reason why we adopted a single kanji character for the head is to impress the world as a Japanese brand with a Japanese taste. It also means flying toward the future with a sense of speed like a falcon.

■ Characteristics

◎ Functional design that is easy to identify
A functional design that distinguishes by color for each product category by color-printing an illustration of a falcon symbolizing the brand and the model number on the Velcro surface.

◎ Convenience is greatly improved with the new search system
A new search system is installed in the EC website HAYABUSA category. The products you need are displayed as quickly as possible, making ordering easily.

■ Lineup

◎ Rebuild the category and change the category name and product name
Lineup for all painting conditions

Category name Product name
Wool Pads Feather Eyas
(Former: Micro Feather Wool Pads)
Fine Eyas
(Former: Fine Wool Pads)
White Eyas
(Former: White Wool Pads)
Finish Eyas
(Former: Micro Finish Pads)
Foam Pads
(Former: Urethane Pads)
Final Plus
(Former: Urethane Finishing Pads for Dark Colored Surfaces)
Finish Plus
(Former: Urethane Polishing Pads)
Polish Plus
(Former: Urethane Light Cutting Pads)
Cut Plus
(Former: Urethane Cutting Pads)
(Former: HAYABUSA)
FFW Freed Feather Wool

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