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[News Release R-1019] Release of "ECHELON Ver.3.0”

News Release R-1019

May, 2024

Evolved to Pure Ceramic Coating
Release of "ECHELON Ver.3.0"

Realizes a completely inorganic product while maintaining
the highest level of coating hardness and durability.

FE TRADE CO., LTD. will renew ECHELON New Version from the ECHELON series and begin offering "ECHELON Ver.3.0" from May 15, 2024. With this latest renewal, we have created a completely inorganic product that contains no methyl groups. In addition, being xylene-free has reduced the burden on the environment, and work efficiency has been significantly improved by controlling the volatility of the liquid. We will continue to devote our efforts to product development, striving for further improvements, without stopping the evolution of the ECHELON series.

■ Background to Launch

Since the release of the first ECHELON in 2003, we have enjoyed the patronage of our customers for many years, dating back to the dawn of ceramic coating. In 2005, we released the second-generation ECHELON New Version, and since then, in order to respond to changes in the market and on-site needs, we have been working on the development of "ECHELON Ver.3.0" with the aim of further improvement. In the latest version, we have successfully improved flexibility in wiping operations by adjusting the evaporation time of the liquid. Additionally, we are also pioneering sustainability efforts in the industry, reducing environmental impact by eliminating xylene and minimizing the irritating odor during application. Furthermore, we have begun offering a large volume type to meet the growing demand for spray gun application, which has been increasingly popular in recent years. This allows efficient work on complex shapes such as hinges, which are difficult to apply by hand, as well as small details such as engine fins on motorcycles.

■ Characteristics of the Product

  • Completely inorganic
    Among inorganic polysilazanes, this product achieves the formation of a completely inorganic coating that does not contain any methyl groups.
  • Continuing performance from the early days of ECHELON
    It has heat resistance up to approximately 1000°C and high adhesion, while maintaining a natural finish without compromising the texture of the material.
  • Elimination of irritating odors
    By not using xylene as a solvent, the environmental impact is reduced and the irritating odor characteristic of xylene is eliminated.
  • Improved workability
    By controlling the volatility of the liquid, wiping workability is greatly improved.
  • Water-repellent or hydrophilic coating available
    In addition to the base liquid that provides weather resistance and hardness, a special water-repellent or hydrophilic accelerator is applied as a second layer to achieve the desired function.
  • Spray application is possible, meeting diverse needs
    It can be applied by hand as is common, but because it is highly volatile it can also be applied with a spray gun.

■ From the Section in Charge

ECHELON New Version, which has been loved for many years as the origin of the ECHELON series, has now been released on the market as "ECHELON Ver.3.0". In addition to using less polluting solvents to meet modern needs, it also enables more stable application. Furthermore, we have enhanced the advantages of inorganic polysilazane and made it completely inorganic. Also, a single kit containing 100ml of this liquid has now been added to the lineup, making it easy to use.

■ Product Summary

  • [Product name] ECHELON Ver.3.0
  • [Volume] 100ml x 1 bottle / 100ml x 10 bottles / 946ml x 1 bottle

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