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[News Release] A final finishing compound that achieves a beautiful wet gloss. "KATANA DARK-SHOT" is Released.

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News Release R-1017

Jun, 2023

A final finishing compound
that achieves a beautiful wet gloss.
“KATANA DARK-SHOT” is Released.

A wide-range product that is versatile and compatible
with various polishing machines and painting environments.

FE TRADE CO., LTD. will start offering “KATANA DARK-SHOT”, which is designed mainly for “final finishing even on dark colored cars”, from the KATANA series of professional polishing compounds that emphasizes excellent cost performance and workability. This product is a next-generation compound that can perform high-quality finishing in a short time as a final finishing product among the components of ONE-SHOT SYSTEM. We will continue to listen to the customers’ diverse needs of professional polishing compounds and work on product development that focuses on further improving the efficiency of polishing work.

■ Background of the Launch

With the recent diversification of polishers and paints, the demand for versatile abrasives that can polish with a certain standard is increasing. With the use of various polishing machines such as rotary polishers and large orbital (RUPES), and the diversification of environmentally friendly paints in Europe, etc., there was a demand for the development of polishing compounds that do not leave swirling marks in any environment. In order to meet such needs, “DARK-SHOT” was created through repeated verification. It is compatible with diversifying equipment and paints, and can achieve a high-quality finish. It has been added to the KATANA series for final finishing, and by combining it with the “META-SHOT” and “ONE-SHOT” in the series, you can experience a higher level of polishing.

■ Characteristics of the Product

  • Speedy final finishing is possible with a large orbital type polisher (such as RUPES) as well as a rotary action

    It fits all polishing tool combinations and can polish in a short time. Due to the low polishing powder contained, you can polish efficiently.

  • High polishing performance while achieving a wet gloss without swirling marks even on dark-colored cars

    The final finish on dark-colored cars achieves a beautiful wet gloss. Because of its wide range, it is possible to remove fine scratches remaining in the previous process. Therefore, it is also ideal for final finishing before light-colored cars and coating application.

  • Less stickiness and compound residue

    Compared to other products, it contains less oil and less stickiness, so it achieves clean polishing that doesn’t leave unnecessary compound residue.

■ Applications

  • For final polishing of automotive paintwork, including dark colored cars

■ Product Summary

  • [Product name] KATANA DARK-SHOT
  • [Volume] 750ml / 4L
  • [Particles] Medium cut to final finishing
  • [Viscosity] 2
  • [Liquid color] Super light gray
  • [Characteristics] Non-silicone / wax-free

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