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How to use "My page"

At "My page", you have access to "Order history", "My Favorites", "Modify registered information", and "Modify or add other shipping address". Click the link for "My page" on the upper area of the website.

Please click the buttons on the "My page" webpage to switch to other categories.

Some points to remember on how to change registered information

information 1

The area in text field can be rewritten.

information 2

Rewrite new information and click the "Update" button after entering in your password.
Even if you are not changing your password, you will need to enter your password to change your registered information.

information 3

Once your company name, address, or phone number is registered, it cannot be changed by yourself.
To change, please contact us from the contact form or enter the information in the "comments" when purchasing products.

information 4

The information will be changed at the instant you click the "Update" button.

If there are any questions, please contact us from the contact form.

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